Bumper Armchairs

I’m attending a summer camp for people over the age of twenty.

It’s at this great big stately home with a grand hall inside and there’s a huge fireplace and lots of tall, old bookshelves.

But this is the insane thing.

The people that are going to this place are going because the stately hall contains bumper cars. It’s like a game. You get inside these lovely, leather chairs, but they’re not ordinary leather chairs. There are these joysticks on your right-hand side and you can send the leather chairs flying around using the joystick, bumping you into what I guess are other contestants.

So I get into my leather chair and I get a really good technique going and I dodge and weave and bump my way around this stately home in my nice leather armchair. Then, this summer camp instructor comes over in his chair and gives me some advice.

He whispers, “Try another chair.”

So I trust him and do as he says, but the thing is, the chair he advises me to use just isn’t as good as the one I was using previously, so I get all annoyed and frustrated.

Explanation shared with girlfriend:

“No idea why I had this dream. It started off amazing. I thought it was really cool that the leather chairs were powered and you could control them and ride like a nutcase around the old house. It was fun, but then the ending went a bit dark. I hate it when that happens when you’re really enjoying a nice light-hearted dream. Still, it’s a lesson to us all: never accept a different stately home bumper car armchair if the one you’re already using works fine.”


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