Mini Me and the Butch Fish

I’m me, but I’m smaller than me now and look the way I did when I was a child – and I’m in a zoo. I’m walking along next to this big pond full of well-built fish, for want of a better description, and I am informed (not sure who by because I don’t see […]

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Fancy Some Piano Chicken?

You’re in this one, sorry. And we’re in a care home for the elderly, but this care home appears to be at the end of a runway close to the coast possibly somewhere in Scotland, possibly. There is a piano in the main hall of the care home and we are both attempting to cook […]

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Wet Carpet In Venice

We’re on holiday in Cyprus. We leave our hillside apartment and visit an amphitheatre and other traditional Roman buildings with classic columns and that kind of stuff. It’s like a fishing village but made out of pieces of acropolis. There’s a nice a fountain. It’s very hot and dry. We walk further up the hill […]

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