Obviously, It’s An Apocalypse

I think I’m with you, but I can’t be sure. It’s just a feeling. We are refugees in an alternative future – but it’s an alternative fork in history that happened 300 years ago. We are in a very roughed-up version of Jaisalmer in North India, where they are no modern features at all. No […]

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Toilet In A Monastery

The dream starts in the midst of an important presentation in a courtyard. There’s a real buzz. There is music playing. The mayoress is speaking and it sounds important, but I really need to do a number two, so I go through a labyrinthine monastery to find a toilet. I find a men’s, but it’s […]

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Euphoric In Glasgow

We arrive in Glasgow after a long journey in some sort of vehicle. It’s a celebration night – feels like it could be New Year’s Eve. We go into this three-story pub and there are a number of drunk Glaswegians on the stairs. I end up in a room off to one side, but it’s […]

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The Office Party

The boss is angry. There’s lots of chocolate. It’s an office party, but the place is incredibly messy and filthy. It’s a very dark, weird office. It’s dingy and seedy and there are cakes, crisps, little sausages, pies, scotch eggs and other party nibbles everywhere, all over the desks. The desks have been pushed together […]

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Bumper Armchairs

I’m attending a summer camp for people over the age of twenty. It’s at this great big stately home with a grand hall inside and there’s a huge fireplace and lots of tall, old bookshelves. But this is the insane thing. The people that are going to this place are going because the stately hall […]

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The Californian Squeeze

I’m excited. It’s nice and warm outside and I’m going to be staying at a beach house, right on the beach. I can’t see it yet, but I’m on my way there and the weather’s really great. There’s a wood full of trees between me and the beach, but I know there’s a beach beyond […]

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