Wet Carpet In Venice

We’re on holiday in Cyprus. We leave our hillside apartment and visit an amphitheatre and other traditional Roman buildings with classic columns and that kind of stuff. It’s like a fishing village but made out of pieces of acropolis. There’s a nice a fountain. It’s very hot and dry. We walk further up the hill […]

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A Mother’s Strop

I’m at a family party in the house I lived in as a child. All the walls are dark blue. I’m sat on the stairs. All the family members are invited, including my auntie, who is very loud and competitive with the other women in the family. For some reason, there’s a duvet piled in […]

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Dystopiaville, With Chips

It’s me and you and we’re in a northern town. It’s a dystopian future. No one else is around. I get the feeling the town was once prosperous, but is now just clinging on to its heritage. We wander down this street that looks promising and hopeful. It’s winding and edged with attractive Victorian houses. […]

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Gambler’s Island

I’m part of an investigative documentary IT team, with my old boss, Steve. We’re posted to an island full of casinos and gambling establishments somewhere in the Mediterranean. We’re investigating the corrupt use of ATMs on the island. They are more like computer games than ATMs and people feel they’re being ripped off all the […]

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