Dystopiaville, With Chips

It’s me and you and we’re in a northern town. It’s a dystopian future. No one else is around. I get the feeling the town was once prosperous, but is now just clinging on to its heritage. We wander down this street that looks promising and hopeful. It’s winding and edged with attractive Victorian houses. […]

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Gambler’s Island

I’m part of an investigative documentary IT team, with my old boss, Steve. We’re posted to an island full of casinos and gambling establishments somewhere in the Mediterranean. We’re investigating the corrupt use of ATMs on the island. They are more like computer games than ATMs and people feel they’re being ripped off all the […]

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The Devil & the Deep Blue Dream

I’m eleven and I’m standing on a powerful, two-story speedboat. I’ve just walked up a jungle path to get to the boat, as you do. The boat belongs to a businessman. The businessman says, “Come on, let’s go sightseeing on my boat. We’ll go through the jungle rivers.” So we go on the boat for […]

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Birthday Guilt

It is a dry, warm, sunny day. You know the kind. I am in a large, open, pretty valley dotted here and there with the occasional business unit. I walk over, casually, to one of the business units. Each is made of modern metal materials and I go inside and inside I see lots of […]

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Nightmare: The Vacuum and Horses

I’m in the middle of an open, ash forest. It’s autumn. It’s cold and damp. In the misty distance I see a Victorian coach and horses. Both the coach and the horses are black. It’s obvious I’m looking at a funeral cortège. The carriage and horses come towards me in silence at first, then the […]

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Rule Englandia!

I’ve got a public service job. I’m supposed to get to the office every evening at 7 o’clock. So I leave my house around 6 o’clock and catch the 141 bus which I believe goes to where my job is. It’s an open-back/hop-on bus, like the old London Route Masters, so I jump on and […]

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Obviously, It’s An Apocalypse

I think I’m with you, but I can’t be sure. It’s just a feeling. We are refugees in an alternative future – but it’s an alternative fork in history that happened 300 years ago. We are in a very roughed-up version of Jaisalmer in North India, where they are no modern features at all. No […]

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