The Devil & the Deep Blue Dream

I’m eleven and I’m standing on a powerful, two-story speedboat. I’ve just walked up a jungle path to get to the boat, as you do. The boat belongs to a businessman. The businessman says, “Come on, let’s go sightseeing on my boat. We’ll go through the jungle rivers.” So we go on the boat for […]

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Birthday Guilt

It is a dry, warm, sunny day. You know the kind. I am in a large, open, pretty valley dotted here and there with the occasional business unit. I walk over, casually, to one of the business units. Each is made of modern metal materials and I go inside and inside I see lots of […]

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Nightmare: The Vacuum and Horses

I’m in the middle of an open, ash forest. It’s autumn. It’s cold and damp. In the misty distance I see a Victorian coach and horses. Both the coach and the horses are black. It’s obvious I’m looking at a funeral cortège. The carriage and horses come towards me in silence at first, then the […]

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Rule Englandia!

I’ve got a public service job. I’m supposed to get to the office every evening at 7 o’clock. So I leave my house around 6 o’clock and catch the 141 bus which I believe goes to where my job is. It’s an open-back/hop-on bus, like the old London Route Masters, so I jump on and […]

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Obviously, It’s An Apocalypse

I think I’m with you, but I can’t be sure. It’s just a feeling. We are refugees in an alternative future – but it’s an alternative fork in history that happened 300 years ago. We are in a very roughed-up version of Jaisalmer in North India, where they are no modern features at all. No […]

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Toilet In A Monastery

The dream starts in the midst of an important presentation in a courtyard. There’s a real buzz. There is music playing. The mayoress is speaking and it sounds important, but I really need to do a number two, so I go through a labyrinthine monastery to find a toilet. I find a men’s, but it’s […]

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Euphoric In Glasgow

We arrive in Glasgow after a long journey in some sort of vehicle. It’s a celebration night – feels like it could be New Year’s Eve. We go into this three-story pub and there are a number of drunk Glaswegians on the stairs. I end up in a room off to one side, but it’s […]

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